San Mateo City Parks and Recreation Foundation
330 W. 20th Avenue
San Mateo, CA 94403

Phone: (650) 522-7400
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The San Mateo City Parks and Recreation Foundation was established to encourage community engagement, volunteerism and philanthropy in order to insure that our rich parks and recreation heritage continues into the future. San Mateo’s park history is nearly 100 years old and began with the acquisition of the 16 acre Kohl Estate in 1922 which later became Central Park. After 90+ years, San Mateo’s park system has grown to over 30 developed parks and 275 acres of open space.

The Foundation is committed to conserving and improving the quality of our city parks for current and future generations to enjoy.

To support, promote, advance and assist in the provision of public parks and recreation in the City of San Mateo.


Cliff Robbins
Secretary: Matt Jacobs
Treasurer: Fred Hansson

Board Member: Daphne Ewing
Board Member: Sheila Canzian, Director of Parks and Recreation
(ex officio)
Board Member: Carole Groom
Board Member: ​Ken Chin
Board Member: Lisa Sakaguchi

Board Member: Stephanie Pearlman

Board Member: Pamela Hansson